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Life Safety & Education

 The Prevention Division is involved with all activities that decrease the incidence of fire in the community.  Working under the direction of the Authority Having Jurisdiction, the Fire Chief/Director of Operations, the Division focuses on inspection - legal means of discovering and correcting deficiencies that pose a threat to life and property including engineering, plans review, code enforcement, and public fire safety education. 70 W conducts numerous fire safety inspections of commercial properties and education institutions yearly. Conducting building surveys, correcting common problems concerning life safety conditions, locating fire hazards, and directing the property owner/business owners to correct the violations to obtain compliance. Also, this division actively works to plan all subdivision developments and multi-family dwellings to make sure there is adequate apparatus access, fire hydrants are properly placed, and other code requirements are met.  Our Life Safety Team made up of these individuals and volunteers from within the Department go out to our education institutions and present fire and life safety presentations to hundreds of children. It's a proven fact that fire safety and injury prevention training saves lives. We teach students what to do when fire strikes and how to be prepared when severe weather threatens our community.  Want our Life Safety Team to come to your community group and give a presentation - Contact us.


Strength & Leadership

Our Board of Directors is made up of six elected members who provide financial oversight and strategic planning and policy direction. They work closely with the Fire Chief and other Department Officers and Staff to continue providing  innovative, fiscally responsible and ethical emergency services.

* If interested in serving on our board of directors applicants must submit their letter of intent to include Date of Birth and Social Security Number for applicable background check by the 1st day of September before the Annual Meeting. You must specify the number of the position you are seeking. 

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Responsible for Facility & Fleet Management of the six stations and sixteen department apparatus owend and operated by the

70 WPFA.

Technical Services is also responsible for ISO related tasks such as flow testing, clearing around and maintaining the

601 hydrants in


The Board of Directors is the elected policy making body for the 70 WFPA. The Board comprised of six members provides financial oversight and strategic policy direction working with the Department's Officers and staff to continue providing the best in emergency services for our response area.


We ask that you be patient as our website is currently under construction. We are hoping to utilize it in a way to keep our community informed on our services, membership information, and the latest news and events associated with our Department.  Below is some basic information about our Divisions and Services that we offer.

This Division is involved with all activities that decrease the incidence of fire in the community. Focusing on inpection, engineering, plans review, code enforcement and public fire safety education.


Our Mission is to provide the highest level of customer service by protecting life, property, and the environment, through the delivery of innovative, fiscally responsible, and ethical emergency services in our community. 


Still considered to be one of the most progressive fire departments in Arkansas, the 70 West Fire Department is proud of the opportunity we have to serve our community. We continue to set our goals high in order to train firefighter, medical, and rescue staff to provide the best in a full complement of fire suppression, extrication rescue, water rescue, hazardous materials, and emergency medical services for the 70 West area.

Since our humble beginnings in 1969, 70 West has evolved into a complex agency for meeting the emergency needs of the 70 West Community. Today approximately 40 men and women volunteer to respond out of six stations strategically positioned throughout our 188 square mile coverage area.


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Our Volunteers

Our department offers the opportunity of rewarding public safety service to the community.  70 West's residents deserve the best possible service from the Fire Department. The community expects members of our department to be neat, courteous, honest, and of good conduct.

Our volunteers consist of men and women from all walks of life.  Each member performs their duties because they want to help their community, because they love the work, and because of the satisfaction they receive from helping their fellow neighbors. They do it because of the pride that comes from being one of the busiest volunteer fire and rescue companies in Garland County.

Do you want to become a part of our team of volunteers? Contact us and let us know how you want to serve your community.

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One of the busiest volunteer departments in the county, we have an outstanding group of volunteers who take time out of their busy schedules to serve.

 pride, professionalism, dedication, community, 


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technical services

Facility & Fleet Maintenance & Management & ISO Preparation

Working under the Director of Operations, Technical Services is responsible for the upkeep of six stations and sixteen apparatus that are owned and operated by the 70 WFPA.  Making sure that all stations and apparatus are neat and clean in appearance and that necessary repairs and preventative maintenance is scheduled and performed as well as maintaining accurate inventory of apparatus is all a part of Technical Services responsibly.  Aside from weekly apparatus inventory inspection and maintenance checks, all small and portable equipment fall under the care of Technical Services Staff. Also falling under Technical Services scope of work are various seasonal ISO related tasks such as hydrant flow testing, clearing around, and maintaining the 601 hydrants found in district. Also, scheduling and assisting with the annual pump and ladder testing  and reporting of the necessary records that must be maintained for apparatus, inventory, and hydrants relating to our ISO Rating.