If you are interested in having a fire prevention program for any age group and you are in our area, contact us for more details!

Fire prevention division

Life Safety & Education

 The Prevention Division is involved with all activities that decrease the incidence of fire in the community.  Working under the direction of the Authority Having Jurisdiction, the Fire Chief/Director of Operations, the Division focuses on inspection - legal means of discovering and correcting deficiencies that pose a threat to life and property including engineering, plans review, code enforcement, and public fire safety education. 70 W conducts numerous fire safety inspections of commercial properties and education institutions yearly. Conducting building surveys, correcting common problems concerning life safety conditions, locating fire hazards, and directing the property owner/business owners to correct the violations to obtain compliance. Also, this division actively works to plan all subdivision developments and multi-family dwellings to make sure there is adequate apparatus access, fire hydrants are properly placed, and other code requirements are met.  Our Life Safety Team made up of these individuals and volunteers from within the Department go out to our education institutions and present fire and life safety presentations to hundreds of children. It's a proven fact that fire safety and injury prevention training saves lives. We teach students what to do when fire strikes and how to be prepared when severe weather threatens our community.  Want our Life Safety Team to come to your community group and give a presentation - Contact us.


If you are planning to build a business, church, event center, multi-family dwelling, strip mall, subdivision, or other project in our area please contact our Inspection Division to make sure your project meets applicable Fire Codes. It is a big misconception that Codes do not apply in the County. Yes there are codes in the county! Contacting us at the start can make sure you don't have any unplanned expenses or issues with opening. This is also in effect if you plan to remodel your existing building! Contact us with questions or submit your electronic plans to

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